Amanda Bynes' Ex Speaks Out After Mental Breakdown And Explains The Timeline Of Their Split

 Amanda Bynes in Easy A
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Amanda Bynes has sadly been dealing with a tough situation over the past few weeks. In March, the former child actress was seen walking the streets of Los Angeles in the nude before she eventually signaled a driver and personally contacted the authorities. She was subsequently put under a psychiatric hold, which concluded this week. Per recent reports, Bynes is looking to prioritze her health now that she’s been released. In the aftermath of the star’s mental breakdown, her ex-fiancé is also speaking out about the timeline of their split.

What Paul Michael Had To Say About The Final Stretch Of His Romance With Amanda Bynes

Paul Michael went public with the What A Girl Wants alum back in 2020 and, from there, the two broke up and reconciled multiple times in the years that followed. At the end of March, Michael claimed that he and his ex hadn’t lived together since January 2023. She’d apparently still been living in the apartment they shared though apparently hadn’t been spending much time there in the days leading up to her most recent mental episode. Michael just spoke to TMZ, now providing alleged details on what occurred in the weeks leading up to the actress' breakdown.

While talking to the outlet, he claimed that Amanda Bynes disappeared for three days (two weeks before she was spotted in Los Angeles). Bynes’ former beau claims that when she finally returned, she brought home another man, which allegedly led to an argument that effectively ended their relationship. Paul Michael said that he then packed up his belongings and leave the apartment.

As for how he felt about his former fiancé’s alleged behavior during that exchange, the former healthcare worker stated that he was surprised. He noted the seemingly quick turnaround in her attitude and opined that she was like a different person when she brought the other guy home. The Nickelodeon vet’s ex-flame was apparently most shocked because she’d apparently been living a productive life up to that point, which saw her watching over her nail business. Of course, the picture painted within this account is a far cry from what would occur weeks later, but the 37-year-old Hollywood vet may be looking to turn things around now.

How Amanda Bynes Is Reportedly Seeking To Manage Her Mental Health Following Her Psychiatric Hold

The fan-favorite Easy A actress was released from her psychiatric hold on Tuesday, according to TMZ. From there, she’s entering an outpatient treatment program in the hopes of keeping herself healthy. It was also reported that during the hold, she was working with doctors in order to devise a wellness plan that could serve her moving forward. It would also appear that she’ll continue to have her independence as well.

Now that she’s out of the facility, Amanda Bynes will reside in her own home. There was speculation early on that Bynes might once again be put under a conservatorship, which she was subject to for nine years up until March 2022. However, sources say that her parents, Rick and Lynn, are not planning to reinstate any kind of legal guardianship.

If his comments are any indication, Paul Michael probably won’t play a role in Amanda Bynes’ journey moving forward. Nevertheless, she still has plenty of support from others, including All That alums Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson. One can only hope that the beloved actress is able to receive the help she needs.