Alyssa Milano on why she made a political documentary — and what it's like being Ivanka's 'girl crush'

SURGE, a new documentary from executive producer Alyssa Milano, follows three women running for Congress — in Texas, Indiana and Illinois — in 2018, offering a broad and hopeful perspective on who gets to be in power in the US today. “We have the most women right now in Congress than any other time in history, the Democrats do,” Milano tells Yahoo Entertainment. “So, the movie just kind of puts a stamp on this era on this time.”

The spotlighted candidates — Lauren Underwood, Liz Watson, and Jana Lynne Sanchez — were faced with uphill battles when they decided it was time to disrupt the status quo. “All of these incredibly strong, powerful women decided to run for Congress,” Milano says. “It was the most women that had ever run at a specific time.” She adds, “I hope that the film inspires more people to not only run, but to get involved.”

Milano’s passion for politics and women's rights has thrust her into the position of role model for many others — including, ironically, Ivanka Trump, who called the actress her “total girl crush” in a 2014 tweet, which Milano shared on Instagram recently, through a screenshot.

“When I met her in person, she told me I was her hero,” Milano recalls. “I don't know how the two things can be true. How can I be someone's hero who also is an enabler to her father, who is very destructive?” Alyssa met the president’s daughter once, she adds, while hosting season four of Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars and Trump was a guest judge.

SURGE will premiere on Showtime's SHOxBET channel on Sept. 8th at 9:00 pm ET and will be available on the Showtime Anytime app starting Sept. 9.

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