Allysin Kay: Taya Valkyrie Match Is A ‘Sweet Little Prelude’ To No Surrender

Allysin Kay: Taya Valkyrie Match Is A ‘Sweet Little Prelude’ To No Surrender
Allysin Kay: Taya Valkyrie Match Is A ‘Sweet Little Prelude’ To No Surrender

Allysin Kay is ready to show fans what they are in store for at IMPACT’s No Surrender event.

Thursday’s new episode of IMPACT Wrestling will feature Allysin Kay versus Taya Valkyrie, a preview of the No Surrender match pitting The Hex against the Death Dollz. Kay and Marti Belle spoke with WrestleZone ahead of the event, and Kay offered a glimpse into what fans can expect from her singles match with Valkyrie.

“This match with Taya next week is definitely going to be a sweet little prelude to No Surrender. It’s going to be a singles match. I definitely think the fans are going to enjoy seeing two strong women literally collide. We are very hard-hitting. We’re very strong, we’re very tough, and it’s going to be a very difficult match for me, but I’ve never shied away from a difficult match. I know that she hasn’t either. So, I know I have my work cut out for me,” Kay said, “but if the fans want to see two women beating the crap out of each other, this is the match to watch before No Surrender.”

Allysin Kay and Taya Valkyrie are very familiar with each other, as they have worked together in IMPACT, the NWA and AAA Mexico. Kay (then known as Sienna) defended the Knockouts Championship against Taya in IMPACT back in 2017, and they were most recently seen in the Champions Series Final Team War match for NWA. Asked about being able to carry that over between different promotions, Kay says that experience definitely helps, but she noted that they aren’t the same competitors they were years ago.

“I think that it definitely helps when you’re going into a situation like this [wrestling for the Knockouts Tag Team Championships] with so much on the line and that you’re familiar with it. Unfamiliar territory can be very intimidating, but The Hex doesn’t get intimidated very easily. So, it’s good for us that we do have a little bit of experience with each one of these women. Actually, Rosemary, for example, I believe she is going to be ringside, I assume, for this match,” Kay said. “I won the Knockouts Championship for the second time against her. I had one of my favorite matches in IMPACT ever against Rosemary, which was the Last Knockout Standing Match that happened after I won the Knockout Championship from her.

“So, it’s definitely useful for us to have this experience and have a little bit of knowledge of them, but we also know that it’s been a long time,” Kay added. “So, yes, I saw Taya a few weeks ago at NWA, but we really did not interact in that match at all on that episode of Powerrr. It’s still been a long time since we’ve been in the ring together, and that is something that I have to take into consideration because I’m certainly not the same person that I was six years ago, and I don’t expect them to be either.”

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