Ally Sheedy disgusts Molly Ringwald in deleted 'Breakfast Club' scene

Breakfast Club deleted scene: Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald face off

The Princess and the Basketcase meet again.

The new Criterion release of 1985’s The Breakfast Club features the usual Criterion treatment, including a 4k digital restoration and interviews with the original cast members, but it also includes John Hughes’ extended cut, which means 50 minutes of previously unseen footage.

Vulture shared an exclusive look at one scene where Molly Ringwald’s Claire tries to bond with Ally Sheedy’s Allison in the girls’ bathroom. Sheedy’s response is to purposely disgust Ringwald even further, thereby cutting off any attempts at emotional bonding before they even begin.

The two do eventually find a truce, with Ringwald doing Sheedy’s make-up, but as seen in the clip, the early attempts at forging a connection are as fragile as a bag of chips.

Watch the full scene at Vulture.