Ally Lewber Has a Message for Rachel Leviss After Dog Adoption

Ally Lewber at the Pump Rules Season 11 premiere
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Not since Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy had there been a more dramatic Bravo dog situation – until Vanderpump Rules pup, Graham Cracker, came along. Now named “Hippie,” he was another casualty of Scandoval.

Rachel Leviss got the Goldendoodle as a gift from her parents when she and James Kennedy were still together. When they broke off their engagement in 2021, Rachel got custody. She decided to go away to seek mental health treatment after her affair with Tom Sandoval came to light last year. Graham – now Hippie – got bumped around for a bit due to some behavioral issues. He eventually ended up back with James and his new girlfriend, Ally Lewber, with some help from Lisa Vanderpump.

Ally was recently asked how Hippie’s doing and had a message for Rachel about her former furry friend.

Ally assures Rachel Leviss that Hippie has a loving home and is doing well

During a February 9 appearance on Scheana Shay’s podcast, Scheananigans with Scheana Shay, Ally, who started dating the DJ formerly self-proclaimed as “the white Kanye” in early 2022, defended James from Rachel’s previous allegations that he was a bad dog owner who mistreated Hippie. Ally said that James has been nothing but loving toward Hippie.

Scheana then asked Ally if she had anything to say to Rachel concerning Hippie. Ally expressed some empathy toward Rachel and gave an update on how Hippie’s been doing.

Ally said she “felt awful for” Rachel when she and James first adopted Hippie, but assured her that he’s in good hands.

She explained, “I could not imagine having someone else take Hippie now. Or take my cats. In what world? Like that’s not happening. So I did feel really bad.”

“And if I did have a message, it would be, he’s good. He’s well, and we love him so much. And he’ll always be taken care of.”

Ally added that she was “really nervous” when Hippie arrived, given that there were already cats in their home and he had a history of biting and aggression. After some extensive training, Hippie seems to have calmed down.

Ally added, “So at the beginning, I wasn’t thrilled. But now I’m like, ‘Thank you universe, blessing, kisses.’ I’m obsessed with that dog. I love that dog. And he gets along with the cats.”

We’ll likely get to see James and Hippie’s Tahoe reunion this season. Here’s hoping that Hippie has a healthy, happy, and humdrum life from here on out.

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