Allen Iverson recalls the time he went jewelry shopping with Biggie Smalls

Allen Iverson
Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson is currently gracing the cover of GQ’s February “Style Hall Of Fame” issue. In the interview with the publication, the NBA legend recalled the time he went jewelry shopping with The Notorious B.I.G and watched him spend a ridiculous amount of money on his “ice” with straight cash.

When asked about the first chain he purchased when getting into the league, he said, “I had a gold diamond chain with the diamond cross on it. That was my first one. Matter of fact, on draft night I had all that s**t on. I had it underneath, but I had the bracelets and the ring and the Rolex on. I remember my teammates [at Georgetown] were telling me, ‘When you get your league money, maybe you gon get some jewelry like [2Pac] got.’ Pac had the Rolex and all that. Puff was another [motherf**ker] I admired. The swag, how cool he was, the way he is and how big he got. We was using the same jeweler, Manny the Jeweler.”

Iverson continued, “I went with him and Big. We in there, getting whatever. But I’m using checks. I just remember Big using godd**n cash. Big-a** knots, know what I mean? He’s standing, he got on jean shorts, and you can see the big a** [motherf**kin’] knots in his godd**n pants. Pac was getting his stuff from Manny’s too. I actually bought the same ring that Pac had bought at Manny’s. And I remember seeing Puff one time after that, and he was like, ‘Whatchu doin’ with all my chains on?’ I’m like, ‘Now I can get in there and get busy like you can.'”

Iverson, who is known as one of the greatest scorers and most influential players in NBA history, played 14 seasons with the professional basketball league as both shooting guard and point guard. In 2016, he was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.