Alleged UNLV Shooter Posted 16-Page Document Referencing Personal Attacks


Anthony Polito, the main suspect in the Las Vegas shooting, is reported to have published a 16-page document referencing the 22 letters that he sent “to various University personnel across the country."

Days leading up to the tragic event, which left three UNLV professors dead, and one visiting professor hospitalized, the 67-year-old suspect reportedly published a document related to the contents of the envelopes that police say he sent to various Universities within the United States.

He allegedly posted the document to his own website, in which he shared his “theories” on “various mysteries and puzzles" -- one of which included that he had solved the Zodiac killer case.

Anthony Polito Shares 'Content of Envelopes' To Website

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On December 2, just days before the UNLV shooting occurred, Polito, who is the suspected gunman, posted a link on his website called: “!!! CONTENT OF ENVELOPES !!!”

The link then led to a 16-page document with what "appeared to be personal letters to educators across the country and the alleged shooter’s opinion on the current state of higher education," per 8NewsNow. "Polito appears to name 20 educators in the document -- some of those named seem to be previous coworkers, while others appear to be from institutions that rejected Polito’s employment," their report continued.

One of the notes was addressed to a former UNLV president, according to the news outlet.

Polito concluded the document with his dissatisfaction with the current state of the education system, claiming that the faculty are "no longer hired on merit" but are hired if they will “go along” and “turn a blind eye.”

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As previously reported, Anthony Polito is to have sent 22 letters “to various University personnel across the country” with no return address prior to the attack. Polito had applied for a teaching job in 2020 but was not hired, two senior law enforcement officials told NBC News.

Three people were killed on site, with a fourth individual left with serious injuries during the attack on the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus.

A specific motive for the UNLV shooting is still under investigation.

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President Joe Biden privately met with students at the University of Nevada Las Vegas after the tragic shootings that occurred this week.

“This is not normal and we can never let it become normal,” the President stated. “I’m grateful to the law enforcement officers who risked their lives. We join people across the country praying for the families of those killed whose hearts have been broken by yet another horrific gun violence.”

The President then brought up the 2017 Las Vegas Strip shooting — a tragic event that is “still in the minds of so many people” and that left nearly 60 people dead.

“Folks, we got to get smart. There have been over 600 mass shootings in America this year alone, plus daily acts of gun violence that don’t even make the national news. This is not normal and we can never let it become normal,” Biden said, adding, “People have the right to feel safe — be safe.”

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Biden then called on Capitol Hill “to step up,” reiterating his stance on gun control, demanding Congress “to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, pass national red flag laws … require safe storage, [and] enact universal background checks and other common-sense measures to save lives.”