The Alleged RHONJ Plan To Overthrow Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas Explained

Teresa Giudice
Photo Credit: Emma McIntyre/Variety via Getty Images
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Bravo and Real Housewives of New Jersey fans are bracing themselves for the premiere on May 5th. Not surprisingly, before the new season has even started, Luis Ruelas and Teresa Giudice are already making waves. Last season, Luis revealed his possible connections to Bo Dietl, which ruffled everyone’s feathers. While the father of two tried to act zen, he was planning how to use the information found to keep the group in their place.

Thanks to his efforts, Luis and Teresa are now even more prominent among half the women and their husbands. And it isn’t in a positive way. The dueling duo has caused enough problems for a lifetime. The new season is gearing up to be one of the most intense in franchise history. Teresa and Luis are at the wheel, steering towards a whirlpool of trouble.

Spin city

Teresa attempted to spin the bad PR around Luis the best she could. The OG recently revealed he was pretty upset with what happened at the season 13 reunion. In the haunting clip, Teresa tells Dolores Catania and Paul Connell that there was a master plot to try and bring down Luis. The supposed ring leader was none other than Frank Catania. Now, Frank is a lot of things: a bodybuilder, disbarred lawyer, and number one guy in the group, but acting as a diabolical villain isn’t his style. Tre explained, “Frank told Luis that they all met at Margaret Josephs’s house before New York happened to have a plan to go against Luis and I.”

Was Joe Gorga in on the plan?

As the conversation deepened, Teresa seemingly implied that her baby brother, Joe Gorga, and Melissa Gorga had also been spearheading the plot. The mother of four intensely stated, “I don’t speak to my brother and Melissa.” She wouldn’t even say hello to her former family, adding she would “absolutely not” make amends. Tre’s confessional revealed that Luis was “really upset” at the Season 13 reunion after Frank openly spoke about him in a negative light and put the blame on him for the past season’s drama.

During Part Two of the reunion, Frank was livid with how Luis had treated his son, Frankie Catania. While addressing the issue at the reunion, a formerly cut scene showed Frank and Joe talking about the incident. Dolores’ ex shared, “You know Frankie’s not working for Luis no more.” After asking why, Frank elaborated that Luis had allegedly “closed down” his company. But what bothered the father of two the most was that “He didn’t tell Frankie. Frankie was reaching out and called me and said, ‘Dad, what do I do? I’ve been calling Luis, and he won’t respond.”

At the time, Frank noted that Luis “F*cked me this year for no reason, and I did nothing but try to help him. Normally, I keep my mouth shut. Not today.” Frank then told the rest of the Real Housewives of New Jersey stars backstage that “There have been such angry, angry arguments in this show, and it has never, ever gotten to the point it has gotten to right now — and the only thing different is Luis.”

Luis has bigger fish to fry

Not only is Luis having a problem with Frank this season, but the preview also showed him duking it out with John Fuda. During the same tell-all dinner with Dolo, Tre dropped more information, sharing that Luis had tried to reach out to John via text to “clear the air.” John, however, just wanted to hash their issue out at the reunion.

According to Tre, that wasn’t the “right move.” Luis added, “It’s just a matter of manly respect to sit down and talk.” In a stunning turn of events, Paul actually seemed to placate the couple. The Irishman agreed that the two men should have had a sit-down. The scene ended with Luis adding, “Yeah, I don’t need an audience.”

Only time will tell if there was a conspiracy plan all along. Personally, I could understand if some of the cast members were growing tired of the trials and tribulations. But surely, if there had been a master plan, it would have been kept under lock and key.


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