Alix Earle Decks Herself Out in a Glitter Bikini and Headpiece for Ultra Miami

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Alix Earle's Glitter Bikini is Legit Next LevelAlexander Tamargo - Getty Images

Ever since TikTok queen Alix Earle blew up at the end of 2022, she's been living her best life. The makeup guru has been traveling around to New York Fashion Week, the Super Bowl, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and Nashville, but her most recent destination required zero travel. Alix hit Ultra Miami, a 3-day music festival that takes place right by her college town every year, and the high temps plus the non-stop raves means that it's a total fashion destination. In Alix's own words: "I think that my soul left my body last year. It's the ultimate EDM show, there's fire, it's crazy."

Alix naturally posted a GRWM video of herself and her friend Kristin getting dressed for Day 2 of the rave festival. The two friends wore cutout bikini bottoms which Alix described as "fun and nakey" as well as bedazzled bra tops with matching body chains. "Because we wanted to be conservative we also got some pants to go along with it," Alix joked as she held up a pair of iridescent pants with a massive cutout to reveal her bikini bottoms.

They both wore shimmering necklaces and rhinestone headpieces, as well as face gems and body glitter. "I've never felt so happy in my entire life," stated Alix as she double-checked her wild outfit. "This is my favorite outfit I've ever had on."

The day after, Alix posted a selfie making fun of her tangled hair with the caption, "Just letting everyone know I stayed out until 6am last night, cannot brush through my hair, and I did not make it to Ultra Day 3." A fan joked in the comment section, "I love that we were all worried cause she didn't post a grwm."

If you're headed to a music festival this summer or are just prepping your Alix Earle Halloween costume months in advance, we found some dupes to recreate her "bedangle-y" (her exact words) look.

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