Alison Brie Recalls Hilarious 'Peeing Incident' While in Costume on 'Mad Men' Set

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Alison Brie is recalling the lengths she went through to make a good first impression during one of her first acting jobs.

On a recent episode of Justin Long's Life is Short podcast, the actress, who famously played Trudy Vogel on Mad Men, recalled a hilarious mishap she had on set when she had to wear a girdle with her costume.

"On Mad Men once there was a peeing incident … because we wore girdles, which you probably don’t understand what a girdle is, but it’s basically like biker shorts that go all the way up to our ribs, and it’s like time-period appropriate," Brie, 38, told Long of the costumes for the period-piece drama.

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She then explained that the girdles have a "small hole" in them for people to pee through, as the costume is connected to stockings and would be difficult to pull down in the event of needing to use the restroom.

"I didn’t know, for the first season of Mad Men, that you weren’t really supposed to wear underwear under them, because they are underwear," Brie explained.

One day, while in her costume, the actress realized she really had to go to the bathroom. "So I was rushing to set ... Mad Men was my first real job so I didn't ever want to be the problem person ... " the Horse Girl star recalled. "So I rushed to the bathroom ... [I] tried to pull the hole open, but I didn’t pull my underwear to the side so I’m peeing and not hearing it hit the bowl and then I just feel warmth."

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Trying to solve the problem quickly and not wanting to be "the problem person," Brie went on to explain that she "just dabbed it with a bunch of toilet paper" and returned to set "because they’re waiting on me ... I don't want to lose my job," she said.

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The Palm Springs actress proceeded to do "several takes" in her wet girdle, successfully — the hilarious story turning out to have a good ending.

"Our costume designer, [Katherine Jane Bryant], came over and was like, 'You look amazing!'" Brie recalled. "And I was like, 'Thanks.' And she was like, 'What's wrong?' "

The GLOW star then told Bryant that she had peed in her girdle, to which the costume designer replied, "It wouldn't be the first time [this has happened], I'll bring [a new] one up here!"

"She couldn't have been better about it," Brie said.