Alison Brie isn't your basic Horse Girl in unsettling Netflix movie trailer

It’s a beautiful (and somewhat disturbing) day in the neighhh-borhood for Alison Brie.

The Glow actress leads the first full-length trailer for Netflix’s upcoming psychological drama Horse Girl, which deepens the mythology surrounding the titular, storied personality archetype to include alien abductions, extreme paranoia, and other seemingly inexplicable supernatural activities.

Brie stars in the Jeff Baena-directed mystery as Sarah, a socially isolated woman who spends her days working at an arts and crafts store (alongside Molly Shannon), watching true-crime shows, and, of course, obsessing over horses. After experiencing a string of surreal dreams that upend her simple existence, Sarah soon finds herself struggling to distinguish her visions from the reality of her waking life.

“People always said that my grandma was so crazy,” Sarah says in the trailer, tying her mental state — which sees her clawing at walls, waking up in the middle of the night in strange places she definitely didn’t fall asleep in, and able to see the future — to a potentially inherited mental disorder. “Now I think that she wasn’t crazy at all, because I’m feeling it. I know that it sounds crazy, I know that it sounds really crazy, but it just feels really real.”

Also starring Debby Ryan, Robin Tunney, and Paul Reiser, Horse Girl (produced by Mark and Jay Duplass) world-premieres at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival later this month before galloping to Netflix on Feb. 7. Watch the first trailer above.


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