Alien Apocalypse Trailer Sees Earth Attacked by Swarming Invaders

Credit: The Asylum
Credit: The Asylum
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Masters of the low-budget genre movie The Asylum is back with its own spin (sort of) on the alien invasion movie with Alien Apocalypse.

Alien Swarm

An unmanned spaceship returns to Earth carrying samples from Proxima b in the Alpha Centauri system. As scientists study the specimens, they discover the alien elements are alive! Soon, the scientists must fight back as the tiny creatures replicate exponentially, increase in size, turn violent, and attempt to take over Earth.

You can see the alien menace swarming into action in the trailer below.

It stars Michael Pare, Paul Logan, Christina Rose, Luke Stratte-McClure, Patrick Labyorteaux, and Nate Blair. The movie is directed by Adrian Avila and written by Jeffery Anderson.

The Asylum is most famous for the ridiculous and ridiculously successful Sharknado series, and the zombie apocalypse show Z Nation. It also features a raft of ”mockbusters” that do bigger films cheaply, such as AvH: Alien Vs. Hunter, Transmorphers, Age of Ice, and Sinister Squad. There are no internet points for guessing what those are riffing on.

Alien Apocalypse is out now on digital platforms.

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