Alicia Silverstone Reunites With 'Clueless' Co-Star Jeremy Sisto on 'Suburgatory' [Exclusive Video]

You thought a major "Clueless" reunion would happen and we wouldn't tell you about it? As if!

Yes, the star of 1995's cult teen comedy, Alicia Silverstone, will reunite with co-star Jeremy Sisto (aka Elton) on next week's episode of ABC's sharp suburban satire "Suburgatory." (Side note: "Clueless" is now 17 years old… and we are officially ancient.) Anyway, we've got an exclusive first look at the happy reunion for you right here. Check it out:

Silverstone plays Eden, a kooky health nut who George (Sisto) meets at the local farmers' market, and the two strike up a romance. In this clip, Eden treats George to a delicious yeast smoothie -- but things get ugly when George has a severe allergic reaction to the drink. 

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Hives aside, it's great to see this pair together on screen again, and it looks like Eden thinks George is a total Baldwin. No word on whether she'll be helping him recover by feeding him chewed food from her mouth like a baby bird, though. (We know, we know: That was way harsh, Tai.)

"Suburgatory" airs Wednesdays at 8:30 PM on ABC.