Alice Cooper talks snakes, movies and Johnny Depp

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Alice Cooper’s career doesn’t just include music. The singer, whose career spans decades, is also an actor. He tells Yahoo Entertainment about appearing in movies like “Wayne’s World” and starring opposite the late Gene Wilder. Cooper teamed up with Mike Myers and Dana Carvey in the 1992 film, “Wayne’s World.” He remembers arriving on set and Myers handing him six pages of dialogue with only two hours to memorize the script. “I memorized about a quarter of it and just riffed on the rest of it,” he says. “I just started to make things up out of nowhere.” Three years later he made a guest appearance in the 1995 sitcom “Something Wilder” with Gene Wilder. “I was his noisy next door neighbor,” Cooper recalls. The two acted in front of a live studio audience. “When you get to work with Gene Wilder, it doesn’t get better than that,” he says. In 2012, Cooper met Johnny Depp on the set of the movie “Dark Shadows,” where he also had a cameo. They sparked a friendship and the musician reveals if an Alice Cooper biopic were to happen there’s only one actor who could do it. “Johnny would be the best guy to play me,” Cooper says. “He knows me well enough where he could imitate me pretty well.” Check out the video above for more with Alice Cooper.