Alia Bhatt Reveals Why She Chose Amazon Prime Series Poacher

Alia Bhatt at the trailer launch for Amazon Prime Web Series Pacher (Photo Credit: Prodip Guha via Getty Images)

Alia Bhatt, the esteemed Bollywood actor, has recently unveiled her reasons for joining the Amazon Prime Series Poacher. This upcoming series delves into the intricate world of wildlife crime. Forest officials strive to uncover an ivory poaching ring. Alia steps into the role of executive producer, underscoring her commitment to the project.

Poacher resonated deeply with Alia due to its powerful narrative and thematic relevance. The series portrays the urgent need to protect our planet’s biodiversity and emphasizes the critical coexistence between humans and animals. Alia views Poacher as a platform to advocate for environmental conservation. She also echoes her personal dedication to nature and wildlife since childhood.

“We have a responsibility towards our planet” – Alia Bhatt on upcoming Amazon Prime Series Poacher

In a recent interaction with The Hindu in Mumbai, Alia shared her motivations behind joining the project. She expressed her belief in the crucial responsibility we hold towards our planet. “Animals bring so much joy to us. It’s important to reinstate the significance of the coexistence between humans and animals,” she emphasized. “We have a responsibility towards our planet, and that’s one of the reasons why I became a part of Poacher,” she added.

She further transitioned the discussion into her personal connection with nature. Alia revealed how she and her daughter, Raha, find solace in connecting with nature. Despite the busy schedules of modern life, Alia emphasizes the rejuvenating effects of nature on the human mind. “When you see greenery, your brain releases dopamine and you feel calm,” she explains.

Shifting the focus to the series, Alia commended the cast’s performances, particularly singling out Nimisha Sajayan’s portrayal of a fierce forest officer. Alia was deeply moved by Nimisha’s dedication and ability to immerse herself in the moment, taking her performance to new heights with every scene. Reflecting on Nimisha’s talent, Alia confessed, “I saw something in Nimisha that I had never seen before in an actor.”

In conclusion, Alia Bhatt’s involvement in the Amazon Prime series Poacher reflects her deep-rooted passion for environmental conservation and wildlife protection.

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