Ali Fedotowsky gets real about belly 10 months postpartum: 'I actually kind of like my loose skin'

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(Photo: Ali Fedotowsky)
(Photo: Ali Fedotowsky)

Ali Fedotowsky-Manno is starting her week off with some self-love. In an empowering Facebook post, the television personality shared a photo of her stomach nearly one year after giving birth to son Riley and reflected on how much her body has changed since pregnancy.

“It’s crazy to think this was my body 10 months ago. Look at that belly! (Second photo is my belly today) I knew I had a larger than average belly when I was pregnant with Riley (because he was a big baby and because I had Polyhydramnios) But I don’t think I realized just how big I was,” she posted, along with the before-and-after photos. “So why am earth would I think my body should ‘bounce back’ to a flat tummy 10 months after THIS?”

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She continued, “Not only is my tummy not flat, but I have a large flap of loose skin that I don’t think it’s ever going to go away. And you know what, that’s OK. To be 100% honest with you guys I actually kind of like my loose skin. That’s the honest truth. That isn’t to say that a year from now I won’t change my mind and want to do something about it but right now it feels like a badge of honor.”

Fedotowsky and her husband, Kevin Manno, are parents to two children: daughter Molly, nearly 3, and son Riley.

“I earned this loose skin. I gave everything my body has to offer to bring two beautiful humans into this world! That’s not something I should feel ashamed of, that something I should feel empowered by! So every time I look at my tummy I remind myself to feel strength, power, and sacrifice,” she added. “And in the end, I’m left with the greatest gift – two beautiful children and the family I’ve always DREAMED of.

“I hope that when YOU look in the mirror today, you feel the same respect and love when you see the person staring back at you. How we perceive ourselves is either our greatest strength or weakness,” she concluded. “Work towards making it your strength!”

The Bachelorette alum is known for keeping it real with fans. Last year, Fedotowsky revealed she and her husband were sleeping in separate bedrooms after the birth of their son.

“I need him to get good sleep so he can wake up with Molly, so I can get a few extra hours of sleep,” she explained. “So he sleeps in the guest room, I sleep in our room with the baby and the baby wakes up all night and he gets better sleep because he has to wake up and be super dad all day long with Molly.”

Fedotowsky admitted that their arrangement wasn’t great. “It’s a lot,” she said. “Our relationship suffers. I’d love to say, ‘Oh yeah, me and my husband are passionately making out on the side with our two kids.’ I’m not even sure I’ve made out with my husband in a really long time.

“We love each other so much. We know that this is a time where the kids are coming first and we are going to have to eventually put our relationship first,” she continued. “And we will, but we’re in the thick of it [now]. We have a 2-year-old and a 2-month-old. We are just all kids right now. Eventually we’re going to make out passionately and have an amazing time, but it’s just hard right now.”

In January, she was happy to report they were back to sharing the same bed.

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