Alfonso Ribeiro and Daughter Sienna Bust a Move

Alfonso Ribeiro is dusting off his dance shoes yet again, but this time his daughter, Sienna, is joining him. The father-daughter duo teamed up with JCPenney to film a catchy commercial for their 2016 back-to-school campaign, and let’s just say it kind of has us wanting to get up and dance too.

In the spot set to Meghan Trainor’s hit “Me Too,” Alfonso plays a bus driver with some serious moves, while Sienna shows off her high kick for the rest of the student passengers. The Insider With Yahoo caught up with the Ribeiros on set where Alfonso explained that they were excited to team up with JCPenny because “they are committed to making the back-to-school experience the best that it can be.”

And speaking of the best, when asked who the better dancer was, both Alfonso and Sienna seemed to feel they should claim the title. But like any good father would do, Alfonso conceded in the end.

But Sienna’s aspirations go beyond dancing. I actually really want to act,” she explained. “I’ve been trying to do stuff and this is a great opportunity for me and I’m really excited.” Even dad is onboard with his little girl entering the world of showbiz. “You know, as a parent all you ever care about is your kids being happy and doing the things that they love to do,” Alfonso added.

Check out this video to see Alfonso and Sienna’s dance skills, and tune in to The Insider With Yahoo on TV tonight for the latest in entertainment news.