Alexia Nepola Feels ‘Bad’ About Nicole Martin’s Brunch Drama

Nicole Martin and Alexia Nepola
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The heat must be starting to get to Alexia Nepola – but not the Miami heat, no, the heat from Real Housewives of Miami fans. Alexia’s taken the defensive ever since Nicole Martin’s Mother’s Day brunch aired on Season 6.

When Alexia found out Ana Quincoces would be joining the celebratory meal, she ran. She said it was in support of Marysol Patton, but Alexia seemed pretty eager to leave of her own accord. Of course, it wasn’t Nicole’s fault that Ana was coming. Adriana de Moura invited her.

But even as Adriana cleared Nicole’s name on-screen, Alexia and Marysol bafflingly still held their reservations. They could not accept Nicole’s innocence. So, now that she’s seen the season as it’s airing, does Alexia feel differently? Well, take a guess.

Alexia’s retrospective on Nicole’s brunch debacle

On her recent Watch What Happens Live appearance, Andy Cohen said he had “the number one question” for her, and Alexia said she knew what it was going to be. “After seeing the episode and seeing that it was Adriana bringing Ana into the fold, do you feel any regret for how unfairly you treated Nicole?”

Alexia responded, “Okay, so I feel bad about the whole Mother’s Day brunch – how it went down – because … it was a Mother’s Day brunch and it got so sidetracked into making it about Ana.” Still, Alexia said, “I think the one that should feel bad is Adriana. Because she was the one that obviously came up with the idea.”

Amazingly, Alexia also said, “But I still do believe that Nicole had something to do with it.” Alexia’s stubbornness is bizarre, to say the least. When the WWHL clip made it to YouTube, fans shared their condemnations of Alexia. As one fan wrote, “It’s crazy to me that she is still blaming Nicole who clearly had nothing to do with it. We can’t all be watching the same show.”

Another fan shared the sentiment that Adriana suggested, writing, “Alexia is clearly super jealous, she wants everything Nicole has … money, a strong marriage, [an] admirable degree, an actual profession, beauty inside and out, youth … she’s trying to take Nicole down because she envies her. Period.”

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 continues Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.


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