Alexandra Daddario Went Bra-Free For A Shoot And The Comments From 'True Detective' Fans Are As Gross As You’d Expect

The moment Alexandra Daddario became a Hollywood sex symbol, might have been when she appeared on the first season of "True Detective." On the second episode of the award-winning series, the actress appeared nude during an intimate scene with Woody Harrelson’s Marty. The actress has even revealed that the day after the episode aired, she was told by her manager the phone was “ringing off the hook” and it helped her book more roles. Daddario’s latest social media post has "True Detective" fans thinking back to that career-changing moment for the actress, but come on, the comment section is gross! Alexandra Daddario took to Instagram Thursday to share a photo and video of herself with straight hair that looks to be freshly dyed a glorious shade of chocolate cherry. Her blue eyes also popped with bright red lipstick. However, the comment section is ridden with fans discussing her bra-free outfit with things like “I promise they looked at me first” or “A bit chilly at your location.” One "True Detective" fan even wrote “Going to re-watch "True Detective" Season 1 episode 2.”