Alexa Bliss Details How Her Appearance On ‘The Masked Singer’ Came Together

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Alexa Bliss discusses her appearance on The Masked Singer.

Bliss has been absent from WWE since the Royal Rumble premium live event in January; there, she unsuccessfully challenged Bianca Belair for the RAW Women’s Championship. She has denied reports that she is on a hiatus, and the former champion appeared on the March 22 episode of The Masked Singer, as she was wearing the Axolotl mask.

Speaking with Meredith Jacobs of TV Insider, Bliss was asked to describe what made her say yes to doing the show. She first responded by stating that she thought it would be an “amazing” opportunity, and she noted that WWE was “awesome” in pitching her for it.

“I thought it would be an amazing opportunity,” Bliss said. “I’ve watched the show. I’ve had friends on the show. And it just looks like something that would be so fun to do. WWE was awesome in pitching me for the show.”

Bliss continued by describing how she wanted to face her fear of singing in front of people. She noted that she has stage fright, and she wanted to get over that.

“For me, it was more so I wanted to get over my stage fright. I have a really bad stage fright of singing in front of people. I had this karaoke thing happen a long time ago in WWE. We had this Christmas party where all the talent got up and sang karaoke in front of everyone and it was a contest and the winners got gift cards. I went up to sing and I froze and just started looking around and shaking and sweating and I just sat the microphone down and I went and sat down and just was so embarrassed and I hadn’t sung since.

So this was one of those things where it used to be something that was so fun and I don’t know why, but my anxiety just got me. I wanted to do this to finally face my fear of singing in front of people because it was something I used to love to do in the shower, obviously, but I wanted to face my fear and prove to myself that I can do it and get over that hurdle.”

Bliss recently noted that she was “all clear” after she had some skin cancer removed. More information is available here.

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