Alexa Bliss Is ‘All Clear’ After Skin Cancer Removal

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There have been mixed reports regarding the reasoning behind Alexa Bliss‘ recent absence from WWE, but now, Bliss has set the record straight.

Following her loss to Bianca Belair at the 2023 Royal Rumble, Alexa Bliss disappeared from WWE programming. PWInsider soon reported that Bliss was due to take some time away from the company, but never specified the reason. Earlier this month, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted Bliss was on a hiatus, but not long after that, Bliss refuted that claim.

Earlier today, Bliss gave an update on her whereabouts, noting she’d been undergoing a medical procedure to remove skin cancer. “Dear younger me, You should have stayed out of tanning beds. All clear now though! Thank you [American Skin Institute] for taking great care of me!” she wrote on her Instagram story.

Bliss later provided further details on her official Twitter account. The former RAW Women’s Champion revealed that after a spot on her face had gotten noticeably worse, she sought out medical care, who then determined that a biopsy would be needed to remove it. Upon inspection, Bliss’ spot was ruled to be basal cell carcinoma — the most common form of skin cancer. During her biopsy procedure, doctors discovered some squamous cells (the second most common form of skin cancer) as well.

Bliss regarded the process as “quick and easy,” and reiterated that she is all clear after the short recovery process. “Thank you! Don’t worry, short healing time,” she responded when one fan asked if she was okay. “Always get your skin checked! Esp if you are in the sun or use tanning beds! Lol”

“There was a spot on my face yes- that had gotten worse. So went to get biopsy. Was basal cell carcinoma. During my procedure doc also found other squamous cells. Was a quick and easy procedure. Glad I always get my skin checked,” she told another fan.

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Alexa Bliss Instagram Screenshot 2023-03-22
Alexa Bliss Instagram Screenshot 2023-03-22

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