Alex Trebek's first episode of 'Jeopardy!' just re-aired and fans can't handle it

On Monday, Jeopardy! fans were given quite a treat as Sony rebroadcast Alex Trebek’s very first episode as host. Twitter was flooded with comments about the first episode, which originally aired in September of 1984.

The episode was the first of the “vault” series, which will feature some of the best episodes from the show’s early years. Trebek made an appearance at the top of the program explaining the plan and pointing out some of the quirks viewers might notice while watching the first episode.

Viewers were quick to point out their own fun observations from Trebek’s debut episode, and share them on Twitter.

Some of the most talked about elements of the first episode were the speed of play, the early buzzing by contestants, and of course, Sean Connery.

There is a recurring “Celebrity Jeopardy!” sketch on Saturday Night Live which features Will Ferrell as Alex Trebek and Darrell Hammond as his nemesis, Sean Connery. The sketches are so popular, even Trebek himself has appeared in them. So fans of both shows loved that Connery was one of the first correct responses on Trebek’s show.

While there were lots of great moments from the vault episode, probably the best was the hopeful introduction present-day Trebek gave at the top program. Sporting a goatee, the beloved host said, “I’m looking forward to starting a brand new season of original programming.”

Jeopardy! is a syndicated program so visit or check you local listings for TV schedule.

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