Alex Cooper Plans To Remain The Solo Host Of Call Her Daddy Podcast

Alex Cooper is opening up about the future of her popular Call Her Daddy Podcast. In an interview with Access Hollywood, the 26-year-old said she will remain the only host of the show. Alex says her recent exclusive deal with Spotify, worth a reported 60 million dollars, helped her realize that it should stay a solo endeavor. Alex took over the podcast last year when her former co-host, Sofia Franklyn, left after butting heads during contract negotiations with their former owner, Barstool Sports. The public drama caused a divide between Alex and Sofia, and skyrocketed Call Her Daddy to the top of the charts. Alex admitted it was a very difficult time and says she had to draw a line when it came to deciding how much of the contention to air out publicly. Now when she looks back, she says she knew her time with Sofia was going to end even before everything unfolded. Alex says for the future of the show, she hopes to put forth content that is empowering women everywhere. The Call Her Daddy podcast is available exclusively on Spotify.