Alec Baldwin compares Liz Cheney to an American Navalny

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Longtime Democrat Alec Baldwin is praising Rep. Liz Cheney, calling the Wyoming Republican the “[Alexey] Navalny of our current political culture.”

Cheney, one of the GOP’s most prominent critics of former President Trump and the vice chairwoman of the House committee investigating last year’s Jan. 6 Capitol riot, is facing a primary challenge Tuesday from 2020 election denier Harriet Hageman. Some recent polls showed Trump-backed Hageman leading by almost 30 points.

“Who’s the Navalny?” Baldwin said he wondered recently after watching a documentary about the jailed Russian opposition leader.

“Where’s the man or woman that’s willing to self-immolate over principle? You’re willing to end your career over principle,” Baldwin said on “The Chris Cuomo Project” podcast released Tuesday.

“And we do have one today. We do have one, who is the Navalny of our current political culture, and that’s Liz Cheney,” Baldwin told host Chris Cuomo.

The “Glengarry Glen Ross” actor, one of Trump’s fiercest critics who mocked him with his impersonation of the 45th president on “Saturday Night Live,” said, “I’m very, very, very heartened to see Liz Cheney do the right thing.”

“I mean, even though her politics heretofore was not my cup of tea, and her father was somebody who was like a villain to me on a movie poster,” Baldwin, 64, said of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

But he said he’d have “to think about” whether he would actually cast a ballot for Cheney if she ran for future political office.

“Liz Cheney, to me, is someone who I would certainly consider a great candidate for some political appointment,” he said.

After the performer said that “all politicians are bought and owned by the people who put them in office financially,” Cuomo asked Baldwin why he remained a Democrat if he believed the political system was “basically a plutocracy.”

“I’ve been anesthetized in recent years into believing into what the Democrats have said — and they’re right — which is how much worse it would be if the Republicans were in power.”

Baldwin spoke out against his GOP critics, saying, “These people hate liberals that can throw a punch.”

“If you’re a liberal with a pair of balls, they hate you,” he added.

Asked if President Biden “deserved” another term in office in 2024, Baldwin said, “I think he does deserve a second term, but again, his age is a factor.”

The 79-year-old commander in chief, Baldwin said, “was handed a bowl full of horse manure and asked to make it into meatloaf” by “sociopath” Trump.

Baldwin also weighed in on last year’s fatal shooting on the New Mexico set of his film, “Rust,” which killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. A FBI forensic report released this week found that the gun used by Baldwin in the scene that killed Hutchins could not have been fired without pulling the trigger. Baldwin previously said in an interview that he “didn’t pull the trigger.”

“There is only one question to ask here, who put the live round in the gun?” Baldwin told Cuomo, who was announced as a prime-time anchor for NewsNation in June. NewsNation and The Hill are both owned by Nexstar Media Group.

“I’m not the victim here,” said Baldwin.

“Things for me are going to get better. Things for me are going to get cleared up — I’m 1,000 percent confident about that,” the Emmy Award winner said.

“Why would anybody believe that I worked in this business for 40 years, and all of the sudden I decided to play with a gun? That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard. All behavior is consistence,” he said.

“My point is, the real tragedy here is what happened to this woman.”

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