'Alaskan Bush People' Stars Bear & Raiven Show Off 'Hearts' Amid Reconnection

Two of the stars on "Alaskan Bush People" are both so in love that they literally see hearts everywhere they turn.

Bear Brown has been on Cloud 9 ever since rekindling his romance with Raiven, with whom he is also expecting a child.


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While on a wilderness hike near his homesteading Washington, Bear stumbled upon a natural representation of his emotions.

"Hearts appear everywhere! Even in the snow!!!" he wrote on Instagram while holding up a piece of snow in the shape of a tiny heart.

It's possible Bear and Raiven planned on sharing mutual representations for their love, because shortly after he posted, she took to social media to share her own discovery in mother nature.

"We really are seeing hearts everywhere even in the sky," she wrote with a photo of a heart-shaped cloud in the sky.

It was only days ago that Bear and Raiven announced they were "another shot" in the wake of getting engaged and then splitting up.

"After having been separated for a little bit we found that we sill have feelings for each other, so we're going to give it another try," Bear explained in a video message to fans.

Raiven is only a few months along in her pregnancy, but is already one of the Brown family, and has been sharing how close she is with the most important people in Bear's life.

Sharing a photo while out on a walk with Rainy Brown's precious Pomeranian, Jakson Maine, she wrote, "Aunt Raiven took this cutie on a walk today."

If you've earned the dog's trust, you're definitely in the family.