'Alaskan Bush People' Rainy Brown Turns 17 Years Old, See How She Celebrated!

"Alaskan Bush People" star Rainy Brown celebrated her birthday in the most perfect way -- surrounded by her Wolfpack! The youngest member of the Brown family was the center of attention over the weekend when she turned 17 years old and was joined by her reality star family. Sharing a photo to Instagram, Rainy could be seen in the middle of brother Bear Brown and sister Birdy Brown. She thanked everyone for the wishes and prepared for her birthday treat!

"Thank you all for a wonderful birthday, seventeen years down the hole! Now excuse me while I go eat a whole cherry pie."


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Message from Bear

Rainy also got a special shoutout from Bear on his IG page alongside a photo of the young reality star, and he sang her praise for being such an inspiration in his own life.

"Today was my little sister Rains’ 17th Birthday!!! I had a blast!!! And I hope she did too! I could not be more proud of this young lady! Happy birthday Rain! Your [sic] my inspiration!!!"

Bear and Rain have a very close relationship and regularly spend time together while on and off the family's homestead in rural Washington. They recently dressed up for Halloween and Rain shared a photo to express how important her family traditions are.

"Happy Halloween everybody! We never do anything traditional so naturally I had three different costumes this year, but hey, it’s Halloween, hope everyone’s had a safe fun night full of candy. God bless."

Family Is Important

Family is very important to Rainy, as she frequently shares pics of her siblings and other family members. The other week the reality star shared a photo with her grandfather from back in the early homesteading days.

"Picture of my grandpa (bill fuller) and I back when the barn was still being built. Just wanted to give a little appreciation to a very special person, and the best grandpa I’ve ever known. Love you bill, ps I love you too grandma."

Dreams Come True

It's not all hard work on the homestead, and sometimes Rainy gets to blow off a little steam. Earlier this year she attended Elton John's final tour, "Farewell Yellow Brick Road," and wrote about the incredible evening.

"Ever since I was a little girl I was amazed by Elton John and his ability to be himself. His music helped me through some dark times And into brighter ones. As you can tell by the unsteady camera and my screams I was over the moon to see his farewell concert in my state, it was something I just could not miss. I laughed I cried I danced and I sang with my hero, truly a day I will cherish forever. Thank you @eltonjohn for being a wonderful person in this world and for giving us an amazing show."

Giving Strength to Others

Rainy is not afraid to get deep and emotional on social media and has sent out messages to those who may be struggling with similar emotional health issues she endures. She has spoken about dealing with anxiety and feeling lost in the world.

"I just wanted to give everyone a reminder that it will end. It may not feel like it now, and you will have to reach out for help sometimes, and you’ll have to cry sometimes, and it might come back sooner than you would prefer. But it does end, and life does become more bearable, I promise. You’re not alone. You are loved."