'Alaskan Bush People' Bear Brown Says Trolls Are Mocking His Baby's Sonogram

Gary Trock

"Alaskan Bush People" star Bear Brown is already in protective dad mode over Internet trolls who are apparently making fun of a recently released sonogram photo.

Bear just took to Instagram to defend his baby and make it clear he will not tolerate such disgusting behavior.

"Hey everybody something’s been bugging me! It’s sad that in this modern day and age there is so much hate! I’ve heard that some page is making fun of my kids sonogram picture! I’m surprised that Facebook and people would allow such a heinous act to go on! Anyone who would make fun of an unborn baby borderlines evil! How is that allowed? The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing! Make fun of me all you want! But leave innocent babies out of it!!!!!!"


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The Sonogram

It was only days ago that Bear and his pregnant girlfriend, Raiven Adams, revealed their incoming bundle of joy to fans.

The photo was following both "Alaskan Bush People" reality stars taking a break from social media following drama stirred up by haters.

"We are officially 15 weeks and two days! Our baby is already stubborn😂crossed legs, and the umbilical cord made it impossible for us to find out if it’s a boy or girl. But the heart beat was 168. This little one looked like he or she, was sucking her thumb and waving at us."

Bear also expressed his joy and was already a proud papa over the sonogram pic.

"Hey everybody! Check it out! So amazing so awesome! Raiven’s and my baby, is at 15 weeks! I can’t wait to hold this little one in my arms!"

Fans Have His Back

True fans of "Alaskan Bush People" are coming to Bear's defense and offering support during such an emotional time.

One fan wrote, "Don’t engage with them, they are trying to get you to react. Ignore them!!"

Bear actually responded to the fan that "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to nothing."

Other fans told him not to worry about the haters. "Don’t worry about them brother! Just keep moving forward!" one person commented.

One person advised, "Don’t give them the attention they’re seeking!!"

Bear Is Preparing for Fatherhood

Excited for the next little "Alaskan Bush People" star, Bear revealed that he's already brushing up on his parenting skills.

The reality star showed that he picked up a copy of "We're Pregnant! The First-Time Dad's Pregnancy Handbook."

A description for the handbook reads:

"From first-time dad to all-time great parent and partner Being a great first-time dad doesn't mean being perfect, it means approaching and participating in the pregnancy experience with confidence. From easy-to-understand stats on the mommy and baby, to discussing and designing a birthing plan, We're Pregnant!"

Bear has expressed he can't wait to hold his baby in his arms, and he's clearly making sure he can be the best dad for the next member of the famed wolfpack.

Is He Still With Raiven?

The status of Bear and Raiven's relationship is currently unclear, as they've already been engaged, broken up and reconnected.

However, regardless of whether they are romantic, the "Alaskan Bush People" stars have vowed to co-parent their child and provide a stable home life.

Throughout the pregnancy the two have already shown to be supportive of each other, so they're definitely off to a good start.