'Alaska: The Last Frontier' Jane Kilcher Says Producers Cut This from the Show

"Alaska: The Last Frontier" is full of amazing moments as the Kilcher family survives in the wilderness, but one of the stars is revealing one moment won't make the show ... and she's revealing why you probably won't see it. Jane Kilcher recent went on Instagram and showed off photos of the amazing greenhouse she built and decorated, and it's extremely impressive! The beautiful greenhouse looks like it's straight out of the pages of "Better Homes and Gardens," featuring a rustic theme stuffed with beautiful flowers and vibrant colors.


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The wife of fellow "ATLF" co-star, Atz Lee Kilcher, shared multiple photos of the greenhouse, which is also decorated with Christmas lights and gives off a very festive, family feeling. She even added a piano to the space, so maybe her sister-in-law, Jewel, has a place to jam out when she visits her family on the homestead near Homer, AK.

Unfortunately, it seems Jane's fancy conservatory wasn't exciting enough to make it on "Alaska: The Last Frontier," and the star revealed it ended up on the cutting room floor.

"My greenhouse! It was supposed to be in next weeks episode but got cut for being too boring!!"

She added, "It is something I am so proud of and it will be cut from airing on the show."

The cut was apparently something Jane hadn't known about because back in October she was teasing the premiere of the new "ATLF" season with a reveal of her epic greenhouse.

"5 more days until our season premiere. I can’t wait for you to see my greenhouse!"

Keeping It Real

Jane is not afraid to face her faults head-on and has a good sense of humor about opening herself up to the brutality of reality television. She recently revealed that she requested a fun blooper reel from the crew, but didn't exactly receive what she had in mind. However, she's definitely not apologizing anytime soon.

"I asked my producer for a blooper reel and I got me being shallow and a dork- oh well - it’s all true."

The video includes Jane spazzing out while setting up a tent, joking around during confessionals and walking through her co-star's camera shots.

Building a Cabin

An upcoming episode of "Alaska: The Last Frontier" will showcase some of the Kilcher boys teaming up to build a cabin in the woods. Atz Lee was joined by his son, Etienne Kilcher and father Atz Kilcher to construct an impressive looking structure. He later reflected about the work in an emotional Instagram post.

"It was a blessing and a challenge to build this cabin with my son @ekilchrrrr and dad @atzkilcher . It’s one of my favorite cabins to date."

Keeping It Romantic

Even though Atz Lee and Jane Kilcher are into the rough and tough life while surviving in the Alaskan wilderness, they haven't forgotten about keeping the romance alive between themselves. They recently celebrated some milestones and gushed about each other on social media. Jane's 45th birthday was back in September, and Atz Lee paid tribute to his wife on Instagram.

"It’s my lovely ladypants birthday, I look forward to being @jane_kilcher personal pack mule for many more years to come.

She returned the favor last week during the couple's wedding anniversary. Jane shared a photo from a past ice fishing trip the two took and wished Atz Lee a happy anniversary.

"Alaska: The Last Frontier" airs Sundays at 8 PM on Discovery.