'Aladdin' Trailer Offers Peek at New Robin Williams Outtakes as Genie (Exclusive)

A big part of what made Disney’s Aladdin a worldwide hit was Robin Williams’s zany performance, filled with his trademark improvisational bursts. It turns out, the late Oscar winner gave makers of the 1992 animated classic more material than they could handle when he voiced the role of the big blue Genie.

This new trailer (above) for the film’s upcoming “Diamond Edition” release provides a glimpse (at the 25-second mark) of the extensive genius outtakes by Williams that hit the cutting room floor and will be included on the Blu-ray.

The footage was compiled for fans in tribute to late actor, who died a little more than a year ago, said Aladdin co-directors John Musker and Ron Clements recently at Disney’s D23 convention last month. Just one example of the quick-fire versatility Williams offered in the recording booth: He did 25 takes for the movie’s first scene, “and they were all different,” recalled Clements. Williams would stick to the script for the first few takes, “then he would riff.” With so much usable material, the directors then constructed their final selections “like a ransom note,” remembered Musker.

The new footage features new incarnations of Genie — as a referee, a punch-drunk fighter, and more.

“He was bigger than life,” Aladdin animator Eric Goldberg, who designed the memorable, gregarious blue character, noted during D23. “He transcended time and space… We couldn’t have done it without Robin’s warmth.”

The Aladdin Diamond Edition arrives on Disney Movies Anywhere and digital HD on Sept. 29 and on Blu-ray Oct. 13.