From talking genies to magic rugs, you ain't never had 'Aladdin' merch like these

If one of your three wishes is for super-cool Aladdin toys, we’ve got you covered — no Genie required. With Disney’s live-action remake of the 1992 animated classic due in theaters on Memorial Day weekend, all manner of merchandise is sweeping into stores. Here are some of the coolest Aladdin products you’ll want to welcome into your world.

Aladdin Genie Interactive Figure

Genie Interactive Figure (Photo: Playmates)

Still a little freaked out by Will Smith’s giant blue genie in the new Aladdin?Playmates’s interactive toy features the sound effects and phrases from the 1992 cartoon, and some fun lamp action to boot.

Shop it: $19.99 on Amazon

Magic Genie Lamp

Magic Genie Lamp (Photo: Jakks Pacific)

A genie isn’t included in this lamp, but it will light up with nifty blue lights when you make a wish. It will also respond to your questions (and wishes) via select phrases and some funny shaking.

Shop it: $19.99 on Amazon

Aladdin Build-a-Bear Collection

Disney Genie Inspired Bear (Photo: Build-a-Bear)
Disney Jasmine Inspired Bear (Photo: Build-a-Bear)

Can’t choose just one snuggly companion? Build-a-Bear has multiple Aladdin inspired bears, from Aladdin and Jasmine to the Genie and Abu. Some of these bears also come with matching outfits and accessories sold separately or as part of a gift set.

Shop it: $25.50-$59 on Build-a-Bear

Chatterback Abu Plush

Chatterback Abu Plush (Photo: Just Play)

No question about it: Aladdin’s pal, Abu, is one chatty monkey. Talk to this nearly 10” tall plush character, and he’ll chatter back at you in monkey-speak.

Shop it: $16.99 at Amazon, Target and Walmart

Make-A-Wish Friend Like Me Challenge

Here’s a gift that you can give to other people. Between April 29 and May 24, tag a friend on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #FriendLikeMe and Disney will donate $5 up to $1 million to Make-A-Wish so they can continue to make the wishes of critically ill children come true.

Visit to learn more about the #FriendLikeMe Challenge.

Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry Jasmine Collection

Enchanted Disney Jewelry Collection (Photo: Zales)

Zales adds a little Jasmine to its line of Disney-inspired jewelry. Choose from replicas of rings and necklaces that Naomi Scott’s princess wears in the film, or special edition pieces.

Shop it: $391-$2,337 on Zales

“A Whole New World” Jewelry Box

A Whole New World Jewelry Box (Photo: Jakks Pacific)

Keep your Zales pieces in this jewelry box, which plays the soaring notes of the Oscar-winning song, “A Whole New World.” Just like the ’92 version this is destined to be the standout sequence of the 2019 Aladdin.

Shop it: $24.99 on Amazon

Aladdin & Jasmine Lace-Up Sneakers

Aladdin & Jasmine Lace-Up Sneakers (Photo: Hot Topic)

Find someone who looks at you the way Aladdin’s power couple look at each other on these swanky purple sneakers.

Shop it: $29.90 on Hot Topic

Aladdin Magic Carpet Rug

Aladdin Magic Carpet Rug (Photo: ThinkGeek)

Don’t expect to achieve lift-off with ThinkGeek’s replica of Aladdin’s extremely personable magic carpet. But it’ll certainly brighten whatever room it lies in.

Shop it: $49.99 on ThinkGeek

Aladdin Vinyl Wall Clock

Vinyl Wall Clock (Photo: Etsy)

A vinyl record becomes an Aladdin wall clock without any magic required. Top that, Will Smith!

Shop it: $32 on Etsy

Aladdin Tevis Insulated Tumbler

Tevis Insulated Tumbler (Photo: Tevis)

Now you can go wherever your adventurous spirit takes you, and bring your beverage of choice along for the ride. Pro tip: If you’re up in the clouds, you’ll want to be quaffing something with a bit of heat to it.

Shop it: $18.99 on Amazon

Stylized Bean Plush Characters

Disney's Aladdin Stylized Bean Plush (Photo: Just Play)

The cast of Aladdin gets plush-ified courtesy of Just Play. Collect all five snuggly characters, including Raja, Aladdin, Abu, Jasmine and the Genie.

Shop it: $4.99 each at Target

Aladdin Novelization

Aladdin Audiobook (Photo: Audible)

Chose between reading the novelization of the new Aladdin or having it read to you by Daytime Emmy-nominated actress, Emily O’Brien. And if you’re into comic books, check out the new graphic novel anthology, Four Tales of Agrabah, either in paperback or via Comixology.

Shop it: The Aladdin novelization is available for $9.68 on Amazon, and the audiobook retails for $13.61 on Audible. Four Tales of Agrabah sells for $8 on Amazon and $5.99 on Comixology.

Singing Genie Doll

Singing Genie Doll (Photo: Hasbro)
Singing Genie Doll (Photo: Hasbro)

Will Smith’s has earned mixed reviews from fans for his versions of classic Genie songs like “Prince Ali,” but this plastic version will be your best friend. For proof, just push the button on his back and he’ll starting singing “Friend Like Me.”

Shop it: $19.99 on Target

Aladdin opens in theaters on May 24.

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