Al Roker’s Wife Opens Up About The Challenges Of Being Her Husband’s Caregiver, And How They Are Both Healing After His Health Scare

 Deborah Roberts and Al Roker discussing his health  battles on NBC's Today
Deborah Roberts and Al Roker discussing his health battles on NBC's Today

TV viewers have enjoyed seeing Al Roker back on NBC’s Today after a series of health battles kept him away from the show for months. The beloved weatherman’s fans have his family and support system to thank for his return, which included his wife Deborah Roberts. The journalist kept fans, family, and friends updated on Roker’s health status as his caregiver, and now months after Roker’s TV comeback, Roberts has opened up about the challenges of being a caregiver and how the couple is healing after his health scare.

The ABC News correspondent opened up to ET about what it was really like caring for the Today weatherman while at the red-carpet premiere of the documentary Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields. Roberts revealed her husband was “driving her crazy” before returning to his morning show gig earlier this year. After joking about her husband of three decades, the reporter gave a candid peak into what it was like being Roker’s caregiver for months.

I think a lot of people don't realize that -- and I never realized that -- that being a caregiver is really taxing, exhausting, frightening, all of those things and I never went through anything like this. And I hope I'll never do it again. But it's tough. It's tough. I'm still kind of, I think, recuperating. I'm still kind of tired. I'm still mentally exhausted, but you know what, I'm grateful and just trying to just bask in the moment and just be happy that he's well, and we're all well.

Being a caregiver can be a thankless job, and the 62-year-old journalist learned that firsthand. Thankfully, Deborah Roberts kept viewers and his Today family informed about the TV weatherman’s progress during his two-month absence from the small screen. She was honest from the start, explaining everything from breaking into the couple’s Tesla to detailing how bad things got for Al Roker during his health scare. So, the TV news couple has been through a lot over the last few months, and it came with a ton of challenges for both Roberts and Roker.

Luckily, Al Roker made it to the other side. Deborah Roberts wouldn’t have it any other way as she relied on her spirituality to make it through the trying times. The hard-hitting journalist opened up about her faith, and how the couple’s inner circle helped her bear the burden of being a caregiver.

I would say my faith, my spirituality got me through it. My family got me through it, my colleagues got me through it. Colleagues, many of whom are here today, lifted me up in times when I felt like I just couldn't make it. People were there and texting and emailing and calling, and that made all the difference.

It’s nice to know that Roberts had the support she needed as she provided the same for her 68-year-old husband. Viewers got to see the love for the couple firsthand as his Today Show family shouted him out during Macy’ Thanksgiving Day parade, and visited their couple’s home for some Christmas carols. Now, Roberts and Roker are happier after making it through a rough situation.

Since returning to NBC’s Today, Al Roker is back to being himself, cracking jokes and giving viewers their daily weather forecast. You can catch him on weekdays on the morning show from 7 to 11 a.m. Deborah Roberts has also returned to her investigative work as an ABC News correspondent. You can catch the TV news power couple at any time, so check out our TV schedule to keep updated.