Al Roker and Jenna Bush Prank Call Former First Lady Laura Bush on ‘Today’

On Today, a segment about things that people will forget about in 10 years — like VHS tapes and checking movie times in newspapers — led to co-host Jenna Bush looking back fondly on her days of making prank calls. When Bush realized that *67 and *69 weren’t things anymore for prank calls, she said, “I love prank calling! Can we prank call somebody soon?”

Photo from Getty Images
George W. Bush and Laura Bush (Photo: Getty Images)

Bush had the perfect target in mind: Her mother, former first lady Laura Bush. Jenna Bush didn’t want to do the dirty work herself, however, so she got her co-host to do it. And even though it might have given them quite a laugh to have Al Roker call Laura Bush to ask if her refrigerator was running, we’re pretty sure his name is now on a list somewhere, and the Secret Service is headed to his house right now.

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