Al Pacino Picks His Favorite 'Godfather'

The Godfather or The Godfather Part II: Which is the superior entry in Francis Ford Coppola’s masterful mob trilogy? It’s a debate film buffs have been engaged in for 40 years, and one that will probably go on for another 400.

We asked one of the men closest to the Corleone family saga, Al Pacino, if he could make that Sophie’s Choice — and, to our surprise, he chose a favorite.

After extolling Part II's portrayal of the Italian-American experience and calling it “more thoughtful,” he made it clear that Part I is his Godfather of choice: “It’s mesmerizing from the moment it starts,” said Pacino, who played Michael Corleone in all three films. “It’s a hard one to compete with. And in the end I think 1 is the more… entertaining [film].”

There you have it. Though engaging in a debate over the first two Godfather movies is like arguing which is better, pizza or ice cream. They’re both godsends, and ultimately we need them both in our lives.  

Pacino, who will next be seen as a fading Broadway star in the dramatic comedy The Humbling, shared stories about the making of both Godfather masterpieces — as well several of his other classic films — in an upcoming episode of Role Recall, which you can see on Yahoo Movies in two weeks.

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