AJ Styles On The Bullet Club: We Said ‘Let’s Have Fun’ And That’s Exactly What We Did

AJ Styles WWE
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One of the popular and most successful factions in all of professional wrestling is The Bullet Club. Recently, one of its former leaders The Phenomenal One AJ Styles opened up about the success of the faction.

Recently, while speaking on SHAK Wrestling, AJ Styles mentioned that the faction wanted to have fun and that was exactly what they did.

“I think it was a moment in time where we go, ‘Let’s just have fun.’ And if you’re able to have fun, people are going to have fun with you. That’s exactly what we did. And I mean, I know this.. That’s a simple answer to your question but the reality of it, if you have fun so will everybody else. If you make it entertaining it will be… I mean like, when I say make it entertaining, if I can almost entertain myself by what I am doing, sometimes it’s very entertaining for everybody else because we’re having while we’re doing it. And people love that. And the one thing that we weren’t handcuffed when we were in Japan at all. So, we could say and do anything we wanted.”

AJ Styles on the creative freedom The Bullet Club had in New Japan Pro Wrestling

During the same interview, Styles mentioned that the group had complete creative freedom and that was one of the major reasons for the success of The Bullet Club.

“Absolutely [the creative freedom helped a lot in the success of The Bullet Club]. Just being able to do what you want, say what you want without embarrassing the company at the same time. I mean, you really have to think about what you’re going to do, what you’re going to say, and being allowed to you know, all these things that you had in the  back of the mind you wish you could say, now you could say. It just changes the game. There’s no other way to say it just changes everything that you are going to do. Gallows, Anderson, Tama, even… Cody and I passed, he went to Japan as I came to WWE. But they know what I’m talking about. It’s hard to explain but, if you ask any one of them they’d be like, ‘Yeah. Yeah we just had fun,’” AJ Styles said. 

Two of the former Bullet Club leaders, Cody Rhodes and Styles wrestled each other for the first time ever in WWE at the Backlash PLE.

What is your favorite moment involving the Bullet Club?

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