Aisha Tyler Remembers 'Friends' Gig And The Memorable Comment Matthew Perry Made To Her On Her First Night Taping

Aisha Tyler has had a long career in television ranging from a key voice acting role on "Archer," co-hosting "The Talk," and a long stint on the procedural "Criminal Minds." Now, the actress is recounting her early start on the incredibly successful NBC show, "Friends," and sharing a memorable comment Matthew Perry said to her on her first day of shooting. Tyler’s career skyrocketed when she landed a recurring guest appearance on "Friends" as Charlie, the love interest of both Joey and Ross during her time on the show. She appeared later in the series run, and she was a central figure in several main plots in the show. When discussing what it was like working on the iconic series, Tyler shared one particular thing Matthew Perry said to her on her first taping night. The actress detailed the moment to InStyle.