Airport police seize loaded gun from Mike Epps; comedian apologizes: ‘I literally forgot’

Comedian Mike Epps was caught at the Indianapolis International Airport on Sunday with a revolver and ammunition.

According to an airport police report, the Indianapolis native who was in town to kick off a nationwide comedy tour, was found with a Smith & Wesson .38-caliber at a TSA checkpoint lane Sunday morning.

An Indianapolis Airport Authority officer responded to a call of a possible firearm inside of a backpack on a screening table to find Epps, who said he forgot the weapon was inside the bag, according to a report.

The gun was loaded with four rounds of Hornady .38 Special ammo, but none was under the firing pin, the report said.

Mike Epps had a gun seized by police at an airport in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Mike Epps had a gun seized by police at an airport in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Epps took to Instagram to explain and apologize for the situation Wednesday.

"I had a long night, I had a show in my hometown, and I literally forgot that I had my pistol in my bag," Epps said in the video. "Now if you want to know why I carry a gun, I carry money all the time and be having jewelry on and these dudes is out here robbing people."

The comedian said he wanted to "make it clear" he isn't doing anything "wrong" and keeps a gun to protect himself when he doesn't have security.

"I'm still on some positive vibes, sorry that it happened," he said.

Police kept Epps' gun but advised the comedian, who was not arrested, on how to get it back.

The information was sent to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, which will determine if charges are filed.

Spokesman Michael Leffler said Wednesday that the prosecutor’s office is reviewing the case and said that situations like these "rarely result in criminal charges."

Last year, the Transportation Security Administration seized a record 6,542 guns at airports around the country. Most people who are stopped for having a gun at an airport checkpoint say they forgot they had the weapon with them.

Epps stars in “The Upshaws” on Netflix and can be seen in the upcoming Prime Video series "I’m a Virgo" about a 13-foot-tall young Black man in Oakland, California. He also appears in the upcoming Marvel movie "Madame Web" starring Dakota Johnson, and the Apple TV+ series "Lady in the Lake" starring Natalie Portman.

Prior to the airport incident, Epps and other comics riffed on the COVID-19 pandemic, daily life, American politics and prickly popular culture figures at the comedians Straigt Jokes! No Chaser comedy tour.

The tour launched in Epps' hometown and acted as host and emcee for a stacked bill featuring DC Young Fly, Earthquake, D.L. Hughley and Cedric the Entertainer.

Contributing: Rory Appleton, Associated Press

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