Airline passenger reveals ‘mind-blowing’ hack for tracking flights on your phone: ‘I never knew this’

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A TikTok user is drawing praise with his “mind-blowing” hack for how to track flights on an iPhone.

The tip comes from user @maxmilespoints, who runs a page dedicated to travel hacks and money-saving tricks. His account is just one of the many places where TikTokers have been getting advice. In recent weeks, plenty of travel hacks have gone viral on the app — showing everything from how to properly use an airplane pillow to why you should actually buy your tickets at the airport

In his video, @maxmilespoints shows how you can easily track flights on an iPhone. As it turns out, the feature is as simple as tapping a message. 

The clip shows @maxmilespoints using his iPhone to send a message featuring his flight number. Then, he simply clicks on the text, and his phone opens a map of his flight, plus plenty of information like his estimated arrival time. 

As both @maxmilespoints and other TikTokers pointed out in the comments, the trick is especially useful for helping someone pick you up from the airport — or if your loved ones just want to know your flight progress while you’re in the air. 

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That said, the iPhone hack doesn’t work with every airline. However, @maxmilespoints did follow up with a list of airlines where it does work — including Delta, Alaska, American, Spirit, Southwest, JetBlue and Frontier. 

Many TikTok users were shocked by the hack. Some called it “mind-blowing.”

“I fly all the time, and I never knew this,” one user wrote

“This is so helpful,” another added

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