Air-raid siren sounded throughout Ukraine due to Russia's MiG takeoff

An air-raid siren has been announced throughout the territory of Ukraine on 20 February.

Source: map; Belaruski Hajun, an independent Belarusian military monitoring media outlet

Details: A MiG-31K fighter jet, which can carry a hypersonic Kinzhal missile, was spotted taking off in Belarus.

At 11:27, an escort fighter took off from Baranavichy airfield, and at 11:30, the MiG itself took off from Machulishchy airfield.

Update: After an hour and a half, the air-raid all-clear was given in all regions except for those that remain permanently red on the map – Luhansk Oblast and the temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea. 

Background: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that one of Ukraine's "key" Western partners is expected to visit Kyiv. On 20 February, a number of streets were blocked in the capital, including near the railway station and the US Embassy, but the Foreign Ministry has not yet said who exactly is expected.

Later, based on photos and videos of eyewitnesses that appeared on the Internet, it became obvious that US President Joseph Biden had arrived in the capital of Ukraine.

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