Aimyon Faces Herself & Sings Listlessly in ‘Tsuyokunacchattanda Blue’ Music Video: Watch

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J-pop singer-songwriter Aimyon shared a new music video accompanying her latest song “Tsuyokunacchattanda Blue” — which translates roughly to “I’m stronger, but blue” — from her new album called Falling Into Your Eyes Record.

Falling Into Your Eyes Record is the “Marigold” singer’s fourth studio album, released Aug. 17. The 27-year-old teamed up with director Hideto Hotta for the first time for this video, which consists of multiple scenes set in a studio depicting the singer performing the song listlessly in various guises and situations.

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“It was refreshing and interesting to spend time in the dark studio facing myself,” Aimyon says. “There were scenes where I had to grapple with my memory, so I honed my concentration for the shoot.”

She adds: “I felt like an intruder inside the protagonist’s body. These are the ones that do bad things.”

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