Ahead Of Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire, The MonsterVerse Is Setting Up A Cool Hollow Earth Story

 Kong punching Gidzilla.
Kong punching Gidzilla.

Although the MonsterVerse has been expanding into TV recently with the animated series Skull Island (which can be streamed with a Netflix subscription) and the upcoming live-action show Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (which Apple TV+ subscribers will be able to access), it won’t be too much longer until this franchise returns to its cinematic roots. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire will pick up where 2021’s Godzilla vs. Kong left off, with the two title monsters now poised to join forces rather than fight each other again. Ahead of this 2024 movie release, the MonsterVerse is setting up a cool story set within Hollow Earth, where the Titans originate.

Legendary Comics, a division of Legendary Entertainment, the production company behind the MonsterVerse, has partnered up with Rocketship for a Kickstarter campaign to launch Godzilla x Kong: The Hunted, the graphic novel prequel to Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. Per the official plot synopsis, the story follows a “twisted Skull Island trophy hunter baits his trap and sets his sights on the biggest game of all deep within the Hollow Earth.”

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As part of this pre-sales campaign, Legendary is also offering a second graphic novel called Monarch: Declassified, an anthology that sees Brian Tyree Henry’s character Bernie Hayes revealing “classified Monarch secrets and ancient monster myths.” Four “fan-favorite” Titans will be spotlighted:  Doug, Behemoth, Tiamat and a yet-to-be-revealed fourth monster.

Godzilla x Kong: The Hunted is written by Brian Buccellato; illustrated by Dario Formisani, Drew Johnson and Did; and colored by Mid and Niezam. MonsterVerse: Declassified’s talent includes writers David M. Booher, Umar Ditta, Rosie Knight and Dan Park; artists Francesco Biagini, David Ferracci, Oliver Ono, Marco Roblin and Drew Zucker; and colorists Vittorio Astone, Jurek Malottke and Francesca Vivaldi. At the time of this writing, the Kickstarter has collected over $27,000 of its $79,000 goal, and as is the case with most Kickstarter campaigns, there are plenty of extra goodies to obtain depending on how much money you contribute.

If you’re looking for some extra incentive to shell out for Godzilla x Kong: The Hunter and possibly Monarch: Declassified too, see if anything in the below trailer for both graphic novels catches your eye.

It’s important to note that while Godzilla x Kong: The Hunted is expected to ship sometime in March 2024 ahead of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire’s release, Monarch: Declassified won’t arrive to backers until the following October since it’s in “early development.” Both graphic novels will also be hardcover exclusives not available in retail, although it’s unclear if these stories will eventually be able to buy at comic book stores, book stores and digital retailers in trade paperback form or as differently-designed hardcovers.

Those of you interested in obtaining Godzilla x Kong: The Hunted and Monarch: Declassified have until Friday, November 3 at 12:25 PT to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign. Meanwhile, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire opens in theaters on April 12, 2024, and along with the aforementioned Brian Tyree Henry, the fifth MonsterVerse movie’s cast includes Rebecca Hall, Kaylee Hotel, Dan Stevens, Fala Chen, Alex Ferns and Rachel House. Adam Wingard reprised his directorial duties, and Terry Rossio, Simon Barrett and Jeremy Slater wrote the script.