Ahead Of FBI's Season 6 Finale, Katherine Renee Kane Talks Concluding The 'Whole Saga' Of The Agents Losing One Of Their Own

 FBI's team walking together in Season 6 finale.
FBI's team walking together in Season 6 finale.

FBI is on the verge of wrapping one of its most intense seasons to date, which is saying something considering that it's also the shortest of the CBS drama so far. Fans watching live or streaming via Paramount+ subscription have witnessed the agents attempting to find justice for the murder of Agent Hobbs back at the start of the 2024 TV schedule. Actress Katherine Renee Kane spoke with CinemaBlend about the team trying to end the case for good in the Season 6 finale on May 21.

The sixth season finale is called "Ring of Fire" and will see the team fighting to take down the Somali terrorist group who caused Hobbs' death way back February. Tiff, played by Katherine Renee Kane, has been struggling with his death since he was killed when they were in the field together, to the point of her bosses wondering if she was objective enough to participate in the investigation.

When I spoke with the actress ahead of the big episode on May 21, she previewed that it will deliver something that fans haven't seen before this season, saying:

Being so honed into how Tiffany has coped with this, something that has been touched on but hasn't been seen until now is how much it's also affected everyone else in 26 Fed on our team and how much they cared and how much it's going to ignite them towards trying to get this guy and end this whole saga. So it definitely is an 'all hands on deck' type of situation.

Luckily, the formidable foursome of FBI's main field agents has taken down some very big targets over the years, so their odds seem better than ever of getting justice for their fallen comrade in arms. The Hobbs storyline has stood out in Season 6 due to FBI's nature as a procedural – or, what actor Zeeko Zaki described as a "case of the week loop." This has been more of a serialized storyline than usual, and Kane shared how she felt to be at the center of it:

I feel really honored that they entrusted me with it. Like you said, it isn't something that we get to do often on a procedural like this, so to know that our writers felt invested enough and passionate enough about seeing Tiffany go through this challenge and grow from it and to let me play that out, I feel really, really grateful for it.

All in all, while Maggie is dealing with a parental role over her late friend's daughter, Scola is adjusting to parenthood (complete with an FBI: Most Wanted crossover), and OA is settling into a complicated new relationship, Tiff's major arc this season has centered on the loss of Hobbs. So, we can only hope for her sake that the agents do get justice for him before the final credits roll on Season 6! When I asked Katherine Renee Kane if she learned more about her character this season, she explained:

Absolutely. I think that everybody knows that Tiffany, who is very front-footed, leads with a lot of spirit or attitude, however you want to term it. But I think this season she was really challenged to see herself and really take stock of what things are helping her. The one thing she really needs to let fall away or let evolve. And I'm really happy to see her come through this trial.

Whatever the future holds for Tiff and Co., there's certainly going to be plenty of time to explore it... assuming they all make it out of the finale, anyway! CBS has renewed FBI for another three seasons, while FBI: International and FBI: Most Wanted were both renewed for one more season. For now, check out the promo for the three shows' finales:

Tune in to CBS on Tuesday, May 21 at 8 p.m. ET for the Season 6 finale of FBI, ahead of FBI: International at 9 p.m. ET to hopefully explain what happened to Scott Forrester and FBI: Most Wanted at 10 p.m. ET for Ray to tie the knot with the lovely Cora. You can also find all three shows streaming via Paramount+.