'AGT' insult comic offends most but is praised by Simon Cowell

Kyle Moss

America’s Got Talent is full of inspiring stories and talents that will have you walking away feeling pretty great. Then there’s people like Tuesday’s comedic hopeful, Alex Hooper. He managed to fool fellow contestants — not to mention the judges during his pre-performance chat — into thinking he was a positive, uplifting guy.

“I just want to inspire the world through happiness, positivity, and comedy,” Hooper responded when asked why he entered the show.

Then he began his routine. Hooper started by recognizing the show’s host, Tyra Banks.

“Tyra, I really admire your courage!” Hooper said. “It must be so difficult to host a show like this and still find a way to make it about you.”

Banks later Tweeted about Hooper and his comedy routine:

Over a chorus of “boos” from the crowd, Hooper moved on to the judges. He compared Howie Mandel to a big toe and told Mel B, aka Scary Spice, that the only thing scary about her was her solo career.

After those two quick buzzers, he turned his focus to Heidi Klum.

“Heidi Klum, you are magical,” he began. “Four children, and yet your body looks as though you haven’t paid attention to any of them.”

Going after someone’s parenting may be crossing the line, and after implying that Klum wears too much makeup, it’s no surprise that Hooper got a third buzzer. He caught a little relief when he reached Simon Cowell — someone who clearly respects and admires the ability to be mean to people. After Hooper sent a few good digs in his direction, Cowell’s reaction was perfect:

“Can I be honest with you?” he asked. “I think you’re really funny.”

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