"The Age of Influence"

"The Age of Influence" chronicles the biggest scandals in social media history, including that of Danielle Miller.

Video Transcript

- I think the term influencer is, like, so shallow. Nobody should be calling themselves an influencer. It's not up to you to decide if you're influencing anybody. It should be up to others to judge if you're really one or not.


- (WHISPERING) Influence. This is an episode about Danielle Miller, isn't it?

- She has found something she wants to be. And that is a famous con artist.


- I feel like she wanted to be the bad girl. She wanted to show her family that she's a bad girl, and that's what she did.


- She thinks that there's no consequences. You can send her to jail. She'll get out, she can do whatever she wants.

[? DANIELLE MILLER: ?] No comment.

- When we went through the car, I found several IDs. So I just need to know which person are you going to be today? So I can write my report correctly.

[? DANIELLE MILLER: ?] I want a lawyer.

- This girl is someone creative and beautiful and smart and resourceful and artistic. But she's also batshit she belongs in a fucking cage.