AFL-CIO’s Department For Professional Employees Stands “In Solidarity” With IATSE As Strike Authorization Vote Looms

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The AFL-CIO’s Department for Professional Employees said today that it stands “united with IATSE” in its fight for a fair contract. IATSE members will begin voting to authorize a strike against film and television productions on Friday.

“We proudly stand in solidarity with our IATSE kin in their push for fair wages, benefits, and working conditions,” said DPE president Jennifer Dorning, treasurer Everett Kelley, and Fedrick Ingram, chairman of the DPE’s general board, whose organization represents a coalition of 24 unions – including IATSE.

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“IATSE members hold essential roles behind-the-scenes of TV and film productions, and are key to their employers’ success,” they said in a joint statement. “They deserve a fair contract that addresses basic work standards like reasonable time between shifts, meal breaks, livable wages, and fair benefits. We are united with IATSE!”

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Other entertainment industry unions affiliated with the DPE include SAG-AFTRA, the WGA East, Actors’ Equity, the American Federation of Musicians, the American Guild of Musical Artists and the American Guild of Variety Artists.

Last week, SAG-AFTRA, the Directors Guild, the WGA East and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters issued a joint statement of support for IATSE, as did the newly elected officers of the WGA West. Earlier today, the American Cinema Editors said that it also “stands in solidarity with IATSE,” and urged its members to vote “Yes” on strike authorization.

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