AEW Full Gear 2022: Matches and Predictions

It's safe to say there's always some backstage drama circulating throughout the AEW locker room. But you can't deny just how good episodes of Dynamite usually are, even with all the backstage dirt that pops up in all the dirtsheets. AEW is also great for presenting quality PPVs, which is why many fans are super excited about coming on Saturday, November 19. The 2022 installment of AEW Full Gear is coming our way and you know what's on the docket - big-time matchups, championship encounters, and newsworthy moments that'll be all over your timeline in the form of GIFs and memes. So let's get right into it and break all my AEW Full Gear 2022 predictions.

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AEW Full Gear 2022 Predictions

Image credit: AEW