Adorable Lion Cub Simba Born Through Assisted Reproduction at Singapore Zoo

A new lion cub at Singapore Zoo is its first born through assisted reproduction, the zoo announced on January 26.

The cub, born last October, was conceived using semen that was extracted from 20-year-old lion Mufasa, and was then used to artificially inseminate lioness Kayla at the zoo’s Wildlife Healthcare and Research Centre.

Mufasa died before getting the chance to meet his son.

The cub, named Simba, is growing up to be a “healthy and inquisitive little lion,” the zoo said.

“As his features start to develop, it is evident that Mufasa lives in him as they share the same beautiful eyes,” the zoo said

Kayla and Simba are currently living in an off-exhibit area to help them strengthen their bond, but gradually the cub will be introduced to the rest of his family, which includes his half-sister Shani and his aunt Kiara. Credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore via Storyful