Adidas Sent Von Miller Kryptonite Cleats After Super Bowl Win

(Photo: Von Miller/NFL Twitter)

Von Miller won Super Bowl MVP for the Denver Broncos. As a core member of the defense, the linebacker dominated with 2.5 sacks and two forced fumbles, and six tackles overall. One of his forced fumbles was recovered in the endzone for an early touchdown. The second was late in the fourth quarter, when Carolina could've taken the lead.

Both were on Cam Newton, quarterback for the Carolina Panthers.

Cam has a nickname, thanks to one of his signature celebration moves, where he acts like he's tearing open his shirt to reveal a Superman costume underneath. Well, what stops Superman in his tracks? Von Miller, of course, and in the comic book world, Kryptonite.

That's what Adidas celebrated with some new cleats for the Super Bowl MVP, which he shared on twitter Thursday.

"Everyone has a weakness," Miller twetted. "Shoutout Adidas for my new secret weapon."

The shoes have the signature three stripes on one side, in green, but on the toes and along the other side of the show? Shards of green crystal that can only be kryptonite. Nice of Adidas, and Von Miller, to show their geeky side with a fun jab at SuperCam.