Adele Stops Performance Mid-Song to Defend Fan From Security

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Adele believes that when you go to a concert, you go to have fun. She proved this in Las Vegas on Saturday night, August 26th, when she stopped her show at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace mid-performance to defend a fan who had been repeatedly “bothered” by security for standing and singing along.

“What is going on there with that young fan who’s been bothered so much since I came on for standing up?” Adele asked, bringing her performance of “Water Under the Bridge” to a complete halt. “What’s going on with him? Yes, you, with your hand up, yes you!” she continued, making sure that both the fan and security knew exactly who she was talking to.

“Why are you all bothering him? Can you leave him alone, please?” she said, before assuring the fan that they could relax and have fun for the rest of the night. “They won’t bother you anymore, darling. You enjoy the show.” Watch audience-recorded videos of the moment below (including one filmed by the fan, which captures their heart-warming reaction to having Adele come to their defense).

Adele’s actions earned her applause and support from the rest of the crowd, but she took a moment to address them as well, saying: “Sorry, guys. He’s been bothered the whole show by security and other people sitting behind him. He’s here to have fun. All of you are here to have fun.”

This isn’t the first time Adele has stopped a show mid-performance to come to the defense of those who would rather stand and have a good time at her concerts. In 2017, during an arena show in Melbourne, Australia, she scolded security who were telling people to sit down, saying: “This is a music show. If people can’t see, then they can stand up. And if you’re moaning about people dancing, then why the fuck have you come to a music show? If I see one more person be told to sit down I swear to God.”

Clearly, the struggle of maintaining a good vibe for everyone at her shows is nothing new to Adele, but she really came through for that one fan this past Saturday. She and her band also seem to have the stopping-mid-show routine down pat, as all it took for them to cease playing was one simple “Stop a minute.” You can check that out in the videos below as well.

Earlier this summer, Taylor Swift did something similar, stopping in the middle of her performance of “Bad Blood” in Philadelphia to call out a security guard who was acting aggressively toward a group of girls. The fans later reported that they were given free tickets to the next night’s concert to make up for the incident.

Meanwhile, Adele’s “Weekends with Adele” residency continues through November. Check out the full list of dates, and grab your tickets here.

Adele Stops Performance Mid-Song to Defend Fan From Security
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