Fan speaks out after Adele stops concert to defend him against security

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The fan who was reprimanded by security then defended by Adele at the singer’s concert is speaking out.

On Saturday (Aug. 26), Juan Pablo stood up and started singing during the songstress’ Las Vegas residency show, using a selfie stick to capture the moment. However, security and guests behind him were trying to get him to sit down.

Adele took notice of security talking to Pablo multiple times throughout the night, finally causing the artist to stop the concert and defend the fan. “What are you doing? Why are you all bothering him? Can you leave him alone, please?” Adele asked security. She then turned to the fan and said, “They won’t bother you anymore, darling. You enjoy the show.”

The Grammy Award-winning talent pointed out that security and the guests behind Pablo had been bothering him throughout the performance. She also reminded the audience everyone was there to have fun.

In an update provided by TMZ today (Aug. 29), Pablo stated that he does not have any regrets about how he handled the incident that night. He said he felt bad for the fans behind him, but also believed they could have stood up as well.

Contrary to critics who believe he was clout-chasing, Pablo stated he only used a selfie stick to capture the video because he wanted to preserve the memory in real time. The fan also stated that he is grateful to Adele for standing up for him and making him feel included rather than like a troublemaker.

After the incident, Pablo made peace with the security guard who was trying to get him to sit down, even posing for a selfie together. Pablo also cleared the air by stating the guard was not confrontational and was just trying to get him to settle down.

Pablo’s advice to other fans is to stand up and sing because Adele is fine with that level of enthusiasm.

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