Adele shares teaser for new song 'Easy on Me'

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Adele has finally announced that the first track of her upcoming album will be released on Oct. 15.

The British singer's upcoming album has become one of the most anticipated releases of 2021, with fans convinced that new music was on its way after her official social media channels were briefly wiped of all content.

On Tuesday, the star's social media followers were finally able to get a first look at "Easy on Me," the leading single coming from her upcoming album.

The 10-second clip keeps the mystery about what to expect from Adele, as we don't hear her sing.

However, it appears to be a ballad with the melancholy piano piece playing over a black and white video.

Adele’s iconic winged eyeliner is shown in the rearview mirror as she drives along a dirt road in a truck, with pages of music being caught in the wind and blowing away behind her.

Anticipation for the upcoming album, believed to be called 30, kicked off in September thanks to a collection of mysterious billboards and projections appearing in major cities around the world.

The boards simply showed a golden "30" on a teal and black background, but due to Adele's running theme of naming albums after major years of age, and the similar font, fans immediately assumed it was signalling the start of her comeback.

Suspicions were confirmed shortly afterwards, when Adele's social media was changed to the same teal background as the "30" messages.

It's been six years since Adele has released an album, her last being 25 in 2015. She released 19 in 2008 and 21 in 2011.

Details over her comeback have been kept firmly under wraps, with Adele once telling fans she planned on making a hip-hop album to catch them off-guard

In October 2020, while hosting Saturday Night Live, Adele admitted that she was struggling with completing the album.

The new billboards and promotion suggest 30 will be released by the end of the year, though this is yet to be confirmed.